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Case Study: Growth Stage Businesses


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The Problem

Growth Stagnant due to a lack of sales & operations tracking that integrates with their financial reporting system to evaluate operating efficiency and effectiveness.

Analysis of Alternatives:

  1. Introduce a complete redesigned process and system for project management and accounting to enhance the user interface across all staff.
  2. Integrate a new project management system to current accounting system with a focus on key uses to manage and provide the staff with data to improve resource planning and allocation daily.
  3. Develop internal manual system to assist management in evaluating performance periodically.

Recommended Solution: In order to minimize the stress of a completely new system, a middle investment approach was selected that would integrate the new data into our current system. The integration afforded weekly reporting within the accounting system for management to review the usage of resources to manage the sales and profit targets.

Implementation: Selecting a scalable project management system that allows executives the ability to detail and itemize tasks and rate levels for staff in order to effectively identify the status, efficiency, and profitability of a project. Identify the core measurement to track billable and un-billable tasks and train the staff on managing exceptions.


The system allows management and personnel to measure and track their time resource effectiveness and adjust weekly to meet target. The reporting provides the company the ability to evaluate staff performance quickly and allocate the expertise to projects that deliver highest profits. The connection and interface of the project management and accounting system has deliver a succinct direct cost to each division as to the gross margin and profits to include overhead allocation.