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Case Study: Expansion Stage Businesses

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The Problem

Rapid sales growth without the proper infrastructure to effectively manage increased sales, operations, and finance/accounting needs coupled with learning international business and governmental environments for foreign operations.

Analysis of Alternatives:

  1. Have UK home office extend personnel offsite to handle accounting and finance operations with business in the U.S.
  2. Hire a complete U.S. accounting and finance staff to manage and operate day to day functions of A/R, A/P, P/R, Cash Planning, financial reporting, and budgeting
  3. Seek outsourced partner to provide a complete accounting support team both onsite/offsite to include CFO, Senior Project Analyst/Accountant and general support staff to run  day to day operations.

Recommended Solution: The selection of a  scalable option allows the client to implement the structure needed to manage growth. An Outsourced solution provides them a versatile accounting & finance team that adjusts to their needs and is able to react quickly to changing business needs without creating additional bureaucracy.

Implementation: To quickly provide stability to the operations and personnel our approach must be equally balanced and focused on refining the 3 key functions of their business: Sales, Operation, and Finance. Our approach focused on

  1. Stabilizing cash, by prioritizing the billing and collection process with a sales contract policy
  2. Establishing a collection process and policy to isolate and identify the exposure points from Sales, Operations, or Accounting
  3. Identifying vendor payment issues and reestablish a positive relationship with key vendors to smooth out operations
  4. Review the accounting and reporting process to remove any deficiency and install control and procedures to deliver quality and timely reporting for multiple entity consolidation.


A consistent processes for sales, operations, and  accounting functions designed to resolve day to day issues that in the past would prevent the teams effectiveness to complete their tasks. Stabilize Cash flow with weekly & monthly planning of collection and payments. Accurate financial reporting for consolidation of all related entities for management to review and obtain streamline banking and credit that enhance the future growth with stability.